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The Hobby and Model Warehouse is for sale.

It is with some regret that I am offering the business for sale. I've enjoyed running the shop and meeting my customers, helping modellers with their next projects and advising newbies about how to get into one of the best and most enjoyable hobbies there is, in my humble opinion. But the inroads made by online retailers and overseas suppliers has meant that, for me, the shop is no longer viable financially, and simply does not provide enough income for me to continue to run it. If there is a bored, retired, financially independent aeromodeller with good business management skills out there somewhere, who needs a reason to get out of bed every day, and for whom money is not really a concern, then this business may suit you. It's a lot of fun, you meet a lot of great people (I've never met an aeromodeller I didn't like) and, of course, you get all your modelling gear at cost! If that person doesn't exist then I will be closing the doors by June 30th at the latest, and possibly earlier depending on how things pan out. It's been a great ride, thanks for all your friendship and support, especially from all my pals at GMAC. 


From the front door

Bits and pieces.

Some planes and helis


Some cars

Please note I do not stock every item shown in the website and sometimes the prices may not be accurate. Please contact me if you have any queries about any of the products on the site or any other requirements you may have. I can usually get most things within five business days and at a competitive price if the supplier has them in stock. Note also that items may be discontinued or unobtainable. I can't keep track of them all so please check first. If required I can post your order to you at current postal rates.

ph: (03) 9464 5397 

text: 0403 335 615

email: info@hobbymodelwarehouse.com.au

Or call in to the shop and say hello! I'm always up for a gasbag!

28 The Boulevard, Thomastown, 3074


Please check back here again as I am adding new items every day. It's a work in progress but I am getting there slowly! Please note that some prices may not be accurate. Please call me before ordering to ensure I have the items (or can get them) and that the price shown is correct.

Cheers, Ian.